Lucia captures the moments in life where the extraordinary exists within the simple and ordinary. Her passion lies in creating narratives that convey authenticity and celebrate the natural energy embodied within the day to day experiences of the people she works with.

Through her work, she seeks to represent and translate these moments in a way that brings a heightened experience and fresh awareness of who we are. Life is not simply one moment passing after another, but a connection of moments telling a story which paint, color, and speak to a larger context of an individual’s life. It is her intention to tell that story in beautiful, simple, yet profound ways.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, and abroad has given her the opportunity to experience many lifestyles, cultures, and ways of living, communicating, and connecting - all of which contribute to her desire to continuously explore and understand the world around her with a curious eye.

In her personal and working life, Lucia pursues experiences that challenge and allow her to express herself creatively by opening up to different ways of seeing and perceiving. Inspiration comes from getting outside her comfort zone, and living life in the moment.

Lucia currently lives and adventures in Seattle, WA.