This is my conquering song by Lucia Fernandez

Like a candle, our wick of spirit is encased in our humanity, and when our spirit is touched, we light up until all we know melts and changes shape for the burn of our experience.

The Book of Awakening - Mark Nepo

This is my thankful song, for all that has been and gone...

With the coming of another close, I realize there is never anything but opening

Opening to myself, to others, to life as it unfolds in each moment

The 'burn of my experience' is the challenge I face today as I watch it become the gift of tomorrow

I am the river that I am crossing

Perhaps love is an instrument we play for all we're worth in an orchestra yet to be convened. Perhaps this is why, in the fullest moments of loving or knowing or being, we go nameless and timeless and breathless - everything about us used up, like a candle, burned over and over, just to light entire rooms with our flicker.

12/24 In a Burst of Oneness - Mark Nepo