Let me see you... / by Lucia Fernandez



We are together for 16 years. You are by my side through all the adventures, trials and triumphs. My little observer, you are timid, curious, and gentle; ever present and ever loving. So sweet, so small. Your eyes shining bright, look up at me - a whole world of love and light reflect back.

When you lie on your back, paws in the air, playfully rolling side to side...I see you delighting in the joy of the moment

When you look up at me, inquisitive, your eyes asking ‘may I please have a treat?’...I see you being who you are, asking for what you need

When I pick you up, paws wrapped around my neck...I see you bewildered as I sing to you, dancing around the room

When you melt into my scratching fingers, your head and neck turning back and forth...I see you in bliss, basking in the love I shower upon you

When you walk towards me, lay down and place your paw on me...I see you showing me your warmth and devotion

When I tap the plate with my finger, showing you where your food is when you can’t find it...I see you growing old

When one day your legs stop working, and panicking you slide forward, trying to move...I see you in trouble and I know something is very wrong inside your little body

When I wake up next to you, stroking your face and looking into your eyes as you lay there immobile...I see you fading away from me

When I cry and tell you ‘thank you for your life, thank you for all the light you shared with me’’….I see you listening to me, your eyes telling me it’s ok to let go

When I wrap myself around your small, soft body as the vet gives you the lethal injection, I feel your head drop on my arm...I see you lying still, your spirit leaving your body, and I know my sweet girl is free

When I’m at home and I feel your presence, I see a shadow or hear your meow...I see you with me, alive in my heart - inspiring curiosity and playfulness, reminding me to open my heart, to take risks and love fully

I see you, baby girl, with a heart full of gratitude for all that you are

Love - mama