by Lucia Fernandez

In the howling winds of change

I stand still

listening to the subtle nudge

of life telling me which way to go

and I am grateful...


... by Lucia Fernandez

With love as your compass, you’ll always end up exactly where you belong - right in the midst of fulfilling your purpose
— Holley Murchison

I look behind me and recognize the magnificence of the patterns made up of all the individual cracks and crevasses of my experience, and my memory.

In the tracks I leave behind what has challenged me, what has nurtured the changes in me - inspiring my heart and mind to grow beyond their perceived limits. I move forward and know that my foot will never fall without leaving its mark, always beginning a new collection of patterns and shapes in the expanse of possibility in my life.


Dying Light by Lucia Fernandez

We wait for the sun to set, that our eyes be filled with magnificent light as we fold into the dark...



notes from the grass by Lucia Fernandez

It's easy to get lost in the moment when observing the world from this tiny place.

And I think, where else is someone laying in the sun, watching the grass dance in the breeze? In how many other moments within this moment are we watching together, as one?

The magic of the moment calls me back and I smile in gratitude feeling the expanse of how big we are in this world, yet how very small.